American Mold Specialists

American Mold Specialists has been setting itself apart from its competition for 15 years with its dedication to customer service. Since our inception, we have held a 100% customer satisfaction rating with the Ethics in Business Association, proving our desire to make our customers the top priority in our business. We strive to make you happy, because a positive referral is the best way to earn new business.


American Mold Specialists is no ordinary company - we excel in every area of environmental services that we offer, using only the latest and greatest technology to assist our professionally trained inspectors in the field. We specialize in both residential and commercial properties, for any type of environmental issue. Our full staff of biologists, microbiologists, and environmental scientists hold Masters and Doctorates in their respective fields, and ensure that you are getting the most factual and scientific report possible. American Mold Specialists is fully recognized as a leader in our field - clearly shown by our nearly 10 professional affiliations with the most esteemed environmental safety associations and councils throughout the United States.


American Mold Specialists focuses on the prominent issue of mold. Mold growth can occur anywhere the conditions are correct, however certain areas are much more common. These include the crawlspace, attic, bathroom and near plumbing fixtures. Crawlspace mold damage often occurs during new construction or in warm environments using air conditioning. Attic mold damage is common in cooler climates and occurs when warm air from within the home condenses on the cold surface of the attic sheathing. Bathrooms and plumbing fixtures can both be a source of major mold problems, often requiring immediate attention. Environmental services are a key part in keeping your home safe. It is essential to find a qualified, certified toxic mold testing service to check your living conditions. American Mold Specialists is the best choice for your needs.